Its your 18th, 21st, 30th or any birthday, your time to shine! hmmmmm what to do? Throw a party at home and deal with the clean up the next day? nahhhh. But how to get all my friends to the best clubs and pubs in Sydney and home again safely? Would we even get in to the venues?

CityClubHopper is the answer! Whether you want to party the night away in Sydney's hottest nightclubs or just have a drink in a good pub with a live band and great atmosphere, we have something for you! Party on the Bus has products to suit almost every type of group and occasion. Our City Nights Package is our most popular option with return transport and VIP access to clubs and pubs to suit your tastes and group.

Thats right, no door entry fees or line ups!

All of our buses are equipped with a pumping stereo system and disco lights. We also have a premium bus service, Sydney Party Bus. These buses have a toilet, a smoke machine, great party lights and an awesome dance floor complete with dance pole. Got a big group? We have 3 bendy party buses capable of seating over 70 passengers each!

All of our tour packages includes a meal. Whether it's just pizza with one of our Mixed Group Packages or a sit down meal with our City Nights package, we ensure everyone has a full belly to enjoy the night to its fullest!

Our very own Partystarters are there to host your night making sure everyone has a good time and taking heaps of pics for you to remember the night. We can even share your gallery straight to your Facebook page and provide a Youtube video of the night backed with a song of your choice if you like!

Our unique online ticketing system has made it easier than ever before to promote your event and sell the tickets without the hassles!


Here are just some great party options for your birthday:

Contact us now and one of our Event Co-ordinators will contact you to discuss your options and organise the party of the year!